Vendor Benefits and Fequently Asked Questions
Vendor Relationship Statement

The NIC Staff considers our vendor relationship to be an integral part of our mission to deliver the highest quality of training to law enforcement officers throughout North America.

In addition to providing training, we feel that is equally essential to keep our law enforcement attendees up to date on the latest equipment, products, and services available to them. However, providing unique and high-quality training takes time, effort, coordination, and funding. That’s where great companies such as yours can play a vital role.

Our exhibitors regularly gain new customers and many will make large scale sales during the daily show times and “networking sessions” provided. For more information about our vendor schedule, click here

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should you be a National Interdiction Conference Vendor?

Support Law Enforcement on the Enforcement Level: Regardless of whether they are federal, state or local, our attendees are the “boots on the ground” in the war on drugs and crime. By risking their own safety to protect our families, schools, and homes from drugs, crime and terrorism, these dedicated and motivated men and women make incredible contraband seizures and arrests daily. If there is anyone in law enforcement who deserves your direct support, it’s these Heroes in uniform.

With that said, many of the officers who attend our conferences also have purchase authority. Often times when our attendees see a product which could help them in their law enforcement mission, and/or be used to continue fighting the war on drugs, they can utilize a number of different funds to make those purchases. At one of our conferences, an attendee made a phone call for a PO and then placed a $60,000 product order while standing at the vendors table.

The National Interdiction Conference also deploys a number of creative strategies to draw our attendees into our vendor areas and specifically to your booth. From fun games to our vendor hospitality evening, you will find our methods of helping to connect you with our attendees is quite effective.

Can I direct Sell products?

Absolutely. While some attendees might be shopping the vendor areas on behalf of their departments, most everyone also enjoys finding products for themselves. Every year conference attendees spend thousands of dollars on ‘point of sale’ products. If you have a product which is hard to direct sale for whatever reason (i.e. firearms), we have found attendees are still willing to prepay for those products so long as the terms of delivery and pricing is fair for both parties.

Couldn't I do better at a Chief's or Sheriff's Conference?

Perhaps, if your selling administrative tools. However, if your end-user is the everyday road officer or investigator fighting criminal activity, then there is no better place to advertise and display your product.

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